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Federica Canta - Classical Guitarist

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Johann Kaspar Mertz' "Hungarian Fantasy" played by Federica Canta on a 1924 Hermann Hauser I

Federica Canta plays Capricho de Goya No.1 by Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco on a 1965 Daniel Friederich

Manuel Maria Ponce - 1st Movement Allegro moderato from Sonata Romantica played by Federica Canta

Federica Canta | Introduction et Caprice, Op.23 by Giulio Regondi | Open Strings Berlin

Mertz' "Bardenklänge, Op. 13, No. 3 - Capriccio" played by Federica Canta on an Edmund Blöchinger

Luigi Legnani's "Capriccio No. 2, Op. 20" played by Federica Canta on a 2006 John Weissenrieder

Luigi Legnani's Capriccio No. 28, Op. 20 played by Federica Canta on a 2007 Geza Burghardt

Federica Canta | Interview | Open Strings Berlin

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